Seeing Hotel Rodos Niohori immediately arouses the feeling one is drawn back in time with its grandeur and aristocratic atmosphere.
The statuesque mansion is a renovation project that has occupied the owner Mihalis Karras over a period of 3 years starting from 2008 until the end of 2010, when the last additions to the building have been made. His love for this old house that he bought in 2001 is expressed in every corner of the hotel and is what makes it such a special place on this quiet location in the middle of a bustling town.

The house dates back to the end of the 19th century, and is a building that is protected und subject to the monument laws of Greece, which obliged him to leave all the original architecture intact. And indeed, he left all the structure and architecture intact and even left the ancient features as much untouched as possible and throughout the building one will discover how life used to be in the old days.
The old fire place, where the staff of the aristocratic family used to cook with its old stone built chimney and the stone built stove where the staff boiled water in order to wash the clothes, still remain intact in the Ibiscus Suite, and the Bougainvillea Suite still has the old worn out stairs with its beautiful wood, so easily accessible for the bit older ones amongst us.

Throughout the hotel you will also find the very special “ chochlakia” on the floor. These are floors consisting of small pebbles in the colors black and white. The pebbles were handpicked on the beach and selected on the size and smoothness. Then they were laid on the floors into the fantastic decorative designs that you can find outside the building and on the private terraces attached to every room: try walking it barefoot for a healthy acupuncture. These floors nowadays cost a fortune, if one is able at all to find the craftsman and his time to make such a floor.

The main target of Hotel Rodos Niohori is to provide for families, couples and friends a safe, relaxed and peaceful haven for ones holidays in the midst of the city and its adventurous nightlife with restaurants and nice bars.
The Mansion is very close by the beach and within a 5 minutes’ walk one can place his towels on the sun loungers and have a cooling dip in the sea on one of Rhodes’ beautiful sandy beaches. The location is on the side street of a bigger street in “Mandraki”.
First there was the old town and when the city center was extended next to the old town, one started calling this quarter the New Town: “Nio Hori”, hence the name of the hotel.
As one enters the big wooden doors of the hotel courtyard, one leaves the city and its pace behind him, and lets the rest and quietness come over him, while getting from one of the courtyards into his suite. We will warmly welcome our guests and do our utmost best to contribute to an unforgettable and luxurious holiday in Hotel Rodos Niohori .

At the courtyard is where breakfast is served from 08:00 – 10:00. One can sit here at his own wish in this common space and maybe meet other guests of the hotel or simply enjoy the beauty of the flowers around him, or admire the magnificent, exquisitely made pebbled floors as aforementioned. In winter time, breakfast will be served in the privacy of one’s own apartment, but on request we will be happy to serve it outside. The courtyard has remained completely intact and has only been slightly improved for your comfort. There are umbrellas, tables and chairs, and if one decides to order a nice meal of any of the many restaurants that provide this service, one can just sit down outside and enjoy ones meal in this friendly place.

There is a reception desk where we make the final bill and provide you with all the info that you need to discover Rhodes and its nice locations.
Due to the fact that we run a small scale hotel, there are only limited hours in which the reception is open, see hours at ‘contact’ on this website, please take this nto consideration.
Above the reception desk you will find the beautiful tiled artwork of the famous Ikaros, who nowadays is very sought after and his pieces are quite valuable and their beauty remains. You will find more of his work throughout the building and at the courtyard 3 of his glazed porcelain plates are plastered into the wall above the antique taps.
If you are at the reception desk, don’t forget to look at the floor with its original handmade tiles.

Rodos Niohori Elite Suites
Best (Luxury Hotel) Rhodes Island
Rodos Niohori Elite Suites
Rodos Niohori Elite Suites